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Cyborg DNA. Dans in Crea Muziekzaal

zaterdag 11 februari - 20:30


Cyborg DNA is a futuristic performance installation merging digital art, modular music and contemporary dance. A hypersensitive and hypnotising experience that discusses the complexity of the body and technology. From evolution to transhumanism the performers recreate human measurements, within an infinite sense of time.

An important inspiration for this research is the text Cyborg Manifesto from Donna Haraway, where she suggests about how language evolves over time, influenced by new technological discoveries. So will humans be speaking in the future more profoundly about frequencies, blood groups, and reprogramming nanochips. And humans will change and transform todays focus on race, gender and ethnicity, into new parameters. 

“The body will takes it time, in ways we can not imagine into our known agenda.” 

After the performance, there will be an after talk where you can ask questions to the makers.


zaterdag 11 februari
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Crea Theater
Nieuwe Achtergracht 170 1018 WV

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