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Czechoslovakian St.Nicholas-Mikulas-Sinterklaas | badhuistheater

30 november 2019 16:00

Czechoslovakian St.Nicholas-Mikulas-Sinterklaas
Already from 2010 we are bringing you the traditional St. Nicholas event to Amsterdam (CeskosLOVEnsky Mikulas Amsterdam). It is family event made specially for kids, but be aware of a different way WE ARE CELEBRATING IT! Our tradicional St.Nicholas (MIkulas) who looks exactly like Sinterklaas is very similar in look and behave. He brings presents to the children , but he is not coming alone. He is coming with ANGEL and DEVIL.. WHY? That is in our culture sign for GOOD and BAD. So some of the kids who sees it for the first time , they can get scared.. but we will try not to scare them too much.
Theater opens at 4pm
You come with your kids and you prepare at home presents for them (each kid one), which you have to write the FULL NAME of the kid on the present. Then you have to secretly give it to our girls at the kassa and they will delivery it to the Sint
We prepare for kids lots of games (before Sint comes) so they can play together. We will have some traditional sweets and food and there will be also Badhuistheater bar for parents to have some drink.
After Sint.will give all the presents we will have DJ MIKI and his czechoslovakian music disco and also a RAFFLE  for the adults so EVERYBODY GETS SOME PRESENTS!:)


30 november 2019


Boerhaaveplein 28 1091 AT + Google Maps

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