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This is just a simple dance. In het Plein Theater

zaterdag 18 mei om 20:30


‘Somewhere, a bit of a shabby place, a parking lot or somewhere with the kind of lights that make you look sick. They messed up the view with those fences. Behind them there are dunes. They are ugly as well, but at least they are dunes. On the left, another parking lot and on the right the snack bar and a bit further the wooden stairs that take you up on the dune. Up there, you can see the beach and the sea. You don’t need to go there. We have everything we need.’

“This is just a simple dance” is a collaboration between mime artist Gerben Vaillant and the dance company Lazy Susan & Co. The physical and visual performance, set in a desolate village, forms the framework for the dancers and Gerben to explore several of their interests. The photographs of Alessandra Sanguinetti and Ton Grote, femininity as a sensibility, the voice of Sinead O’Connor and dance as a way to dig into physical sensations, are some of the starting points. The composition of chaos and randomness on stage searches to capture and display the beauty in simplicity and the touching dreams and fantasies of the performers on stage.

“This is just a simple dance” is the wrong place for something beautiful. Somewhere in between a painting, theater and dance. We like to get lost in the beautiful simplicity of not having a better option.

Direction & Choreography : Gerben Vaillant x Lazy Susan & Co | Performers : Alice Gioria, Catarina Ribeiro, Iris Boer, Hellen Boyko, Keren-or Ben Shachar | Composer : tba | Partners : Conny Janssen Danst, Dansateliers, Time Window


zaterdag 18 mei
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